Devil's Thumb Ranch

Tabernash, Co

September 7, 2018

Ranch Meets Spa

​Devil's Thumb Ranch is a spa and resort that is nestled just past Winter Park.  Distant from most cities, it is peaceful and relaxing, but also offers tons of activities.

Outdoor Activities

Devil's Thumb Ranch has so much for the outdoor enthusiast including hiking, horseback riding, fly fishing, zip lining, paddle boarding, archery, and mountain biking.  Or if you prefer, just visit the spa and pool to relax and enjoy the beautiful mountain views.



Devil's Thumb Ranch is west of Denver, just past Winter Park, but before you get to Granby.  The drive is about 1 hour 45 minutes from Denver or 2 hours from Denver International Airport. 

You can find directions on Google.

Berthoud Pass

Be prepared for a fairly winding road up and over Berthoud Pass on your way down to Winter Park and then to Tabernash, finally to Devil's Thumb Ranch.  The pass is not too arduous, it is paved and only has switchbacks for 10 minutes up and 10 minutes down.  Berthoud pass stands at 11,000 feet in elevation and has incredible views!