About Kelley

Kelley grew up in Shawnee, Oklahoma.  She attended Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion in 2005.

She worked as a pharmaceutical representative for several years before deciding to return to school to become a Physician Assistant.   She graduated from OU Health Science Center in 2011 and has worked as a PA first specializing in dermatology and now in asthma and allergy.  Most of her family and many of her friends live in Oklahoma.  But the mountains were calling, so she moved to Denver in 2013 for her love of spending time outdoors in Colorado.  In her free time, Kelley enjoys yoga, outdoor concerts, hiking, paddleboarding, and cooking.


About Andrew

Andrew was born in central New Jersey. He lived there through first grade.  He spent a total of six years in the Bay Area of California, and the remaining years living in Colorado.  He attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, graduating in 2001 with a BS in Business.

Andrew moved to Denver area to begin work after graduation.  He, along with his brother Jeff, created an Internet business in 2003.  They are fortunate to get to work side by side each day. 

Andrew is lucky to have all of his immediate family living in Colorado.

About Andrew & Kelley

Andrew and Kelley were introduced by a mutual friend in October 2015 and the love story began.

They presently live in the Washington Park area of Denver. They enjoy all that Colorado has to offer from outdoor concerts to hiking, snowshoeing and walking around the park together.


They share a passion for gardening and cooking.   Many dishes they create include veggies, herbs and spices (especially peppers) they grow in their garden.

They also love to travel and explore new locations.  

Andrew and Kelley are truly special people in each

others eyes.

And Then The Proposal....

​Kelley and Andrew flew out to San Diego for a weekend adventure.  After heading over to Coronado Island, the two made their way to watch the sunset over Point Loma.

Andrew started to profess his love and recited how many days, minutes, hours, and seconds that they had known one another.  (Kelley started to realize at this moment.)  Andrew got down on one knee and asked Kelley to spend the rest of her life with him.  She said “YES!”

Luckily another couple was nearby watching the sunset and snapped a couple photos of the proposal.  A large military plane swooshed overhead immediately after the proposal like their own personal fly-by.  (Actual picture below)

We have shared some of our favorite photos from the magical weekend on the left and below: